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Hay Dome – Slow Feeder Hay Ball

Hay Dome

Our slow feeder hay ball dome Our slow feeder hay ball dome stacked Hay ball dome replacement lids

The Hay Dome from Equine Essential oils is a new and innovative way of slow feeding hay to your horse or pony. The Hay Dome is a very sturdy ball shape, with feeding holes spaced around the dome & the circumference is 40 cm - it is designed for a natural grazing position, it can be used in the stable, field or menage.

Fill with hay or haylage approx. 3kg ensuring it is not compacted as this allows the horse to pull the hay through easily in a controlled manner. You can fill with soaked hay too – just allow to drain. Screw the anti-chew lid back on tightly until fully secure, and your all done.

The Hay Dome is perfect for winter months when horses are stabled as it slows down consumption and digestion, just right for your greedy pony or horse.

  • Perfect for the winter months when horses are stabled
  • Ideal for keeping your horse interested for longer periods of time
  • Slows down digestion/consumption
  • Stimulates a natural grazing position
  • Ideal for horses on restrictive diets
  • Maintains fibre intake
  • Avaliable in two sizes:
    • Small 50mm holes– for Pony/Shetland
    • Large 70mm holes – for Horse
Pony - Orange £49.99
Pony - Light Blue £49.99
Pony - Purple £49.99
Horse - Orange £49.99
Horse - Light Blue £49.99
Horse - Purple £49.99
Replacement Hay Dome Lid £4.95
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